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 -Inactive- Xen Tien Application

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Xen Tien

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PostSubject: -Inactive- Xen Tien Application   Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:06 am

Name (RP):Xen Tien

Age (RP): 20

Race (RP): Arkanian Offshoot

Planet of Origin (RP): Arkania

Bio (RP): Having been born an offshoot on Arkania, Xen was cast aside by his family as he was perceived as genetically inferior to regular Arkanians. This caused him to cast aside the usual characteristic of arrogance, usually apparent amongst the Arkanians, however it left him with a sense of resentment towards those who possess this trait.

Living in the slums, Xen encountered an older man, by the name of Yeft. Yeft sensed an untapped potential in Xen, something which could be harnessed with great prowess. He took Xen under his wing, showing him survival techniques in the district, all the while trying to show Xen how to control and feel his power.

Several years into their friendship, Yeft revealed how he was originally a Jedi Knight. He was exiled from the order due to his interest in the Dark side of the force, using it to save the ones he cared about, however using it with lethal force, killing several opposing forces by crushing their windpipes. Despite this, he stresed the importance of using the power for good, and never wielding its force in anger, or fear.

The years passed. Yeft taught Xen how to use a blade, something he caught on to very quickly. He also tried to aid Xen in controlling his power, and feeling the force around and inside him.

When Xen was 19, the pair hijacked a small freighter to leave the planet. Yeft believed he had taught Xen all he was capable of. Xen, showing a keen interest in learning more, asked where he could train further.

Giving him a further years worth of teaching, Yeft took the boy to the only academy he knew. Dropping him off on the planet surface, he informed Xen that the force will show him where his path now lies.

The freighter took off. Xen was now alone for the first time in his life, however he knew that the years of teaching given to him by an old friend would never leave him. He steps out into the unknown, guided only by some words and the lessons of the past, forging his own destiny.
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PostSubject: Re: -Inactive- Xen Tien Application   Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:41 am

Awsome bio, awsome work although we prefer that if you could be younger like 12 or 8, as since jedi didn't used to accept 20 year olds to their order thinking they might turn.....but other than that awsome
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Jack of Blades


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PostSubject: Re: -Inactive- Xen Tien Application   Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:44 am

Everything looks in order except the age, but Carver already put a point on that.

Good luck in the future and I hope to see you on the server soon!
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PostSubject: Re: -Inactive- Xen Tien Application   

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-Inactive- Xen Tien Application
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