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 -Inactive- Kordan (Application)

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PostSubject: -Inactive- Kordan (Application)   Thu May 24, 2012 7:19 pm

Name (RP): Kordan

Gender(RL) Male

AGE(RL) 16

Age (RP): 15

Gender(RP): Male

Race (RP): Human

Planet of Origin (RP): Naboo, Theed

Bio (RP): I was born amongst the rest of Naboo citizens with a eye for politics and pacifism. I eventually learned the family trade of expensive galactic wines, traveling with my mother to Nar Shaddaa every month to bring home credits. The planet is nothing short of scum; there is a reason they call it the smuggler's moon. And I shuddered every time we left the place.
Eventually, I had to go on trading trips alone. I was nervous at first. My age is definitely no intimidation factor, though my height is somewhat deceiving for being only fifteen and all.

Whenever I was done trading the wines I had to stay on that planet for another three days at the most until my ship was ready out of the docks.. Nar Shaddaa is a very busy system, and no place for teenagers like me. So I had to hide very often. So often, in fact, I became surprisingly stealthy. I began finding drug lord weapon shipments, and stealing their arms. I, of course, equipped myself with a few of them, and found a ruined Astromech droid in a pile of E-11's. I named him "Bubba-boy".

When I was 11 me and my mother's ship were boarded by pirates. They killed my mother and tried to sell me as a slave until cloaked men saved me. For four years I searched to find who those men were, they carried swords. But wielded them with such precision and valor, it was nothing I'd ever seen. I myself, have practiced swordplay with my father's Vibro-sword he had during the war of Theed. I took it with me on trades to scare off potential danger. But nothing I ever have done could amount to the skill these men had.

So I set out when I became of age to legally travel alone. My father gave me his old amulet that he and mother shared. To show they loved each other no matter where they were in the galaxy. He bestowed the amulet before I left. He said he was going to go find the man who killed his wife, and went off. I never saw him again, but I know he's ok. His life is in the hands of the force now, and I have faith in his safety.

But I, and my newly re-constructed Astromech droid set off. I wanted to learn of those men. I wanted to learn of the sword play. I was intrigued. And now that I finally found the planet, I am ready. Teach me the Path of the Jedi, Master YukiShiro.
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-Inactive- Kordan (Application)
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