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 Sparing with OOC.

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PostSubject: Sparing with OOC.   Fri May 25, 2012 1:45 pm

I have noticed sparring has come out of hand, and the concept behind it is lose. Sadly you all seem to misunderstand what sparring means. I hope you will understand this message.

1. Spars are secondary with respect to RP. Sparing is accepted if you have explored every single Possible RP and you are bored.

2. Remember to Fighting with a saber requires both physical and Force-Wise usage, Which will tire you. So speaking in the sense of roleplaying, you can't do more than 3 spars if your a hopeful, 5 if your paddie, 10 if you knight, and 15 in masters.

3. Spars can't kill people, Since in a spar the sabers are set on low-Damage which causes level 2 burns, which are practicably nothing, so you cant die because of a spar.

4. Remember Roleplaying as a jedi isn't always about fighting, there is more. Why not join classes?

5. Sparring isn't the only thing you can do... So don't be like " thats the only thing we can do".
Cause why don't you swim? Go jump on trees? play hide and seek? Jump on the bed. Try to play pranks? DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN FIGHTING!

6. Even if your skillful IRL you shouldn't be so good IRP, therefore, You should unleash your skills according to Rank & skills.

Thanks for reading,

~GF Council.

"To become a Jedi is a hard task,
To stay a Jedi is even harder" ~ Council Members
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Sparing with OOC.
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