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 -Denied- Sha'lira Fay

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PostSubject: -Denied- Sha'lira Fay   Sat May 26, 2012 10:03 am

((Real Life))
Gender - Female
Age - 16

~Name: Sha'lira Fay
~Age: 17 and a ½
~Gender: Female
~Race: Falleen
~Planet of Origin: Falleen


One of the last Falleens on the planet of Falleen, Sha'lira was born into a family who belived in the godess Karliah, They hid themselfs from all the marauders and thiefs who came to the planet. Due to Darth Vader, Half the Falleens got murdered, then came the Yuzzhan Vong war and eliminated 2/3 of the remaining people. The Falleens are greatly outnumbered, if another war will come, they might not survive.
When Fay came to the world it was a blessing upon everybody, her mother Diabella and her father Mankar was so happy for their child they took her to the Temple of Karliah directly, holding her up to the statue and started to pray for blessings upon their beloved daughter.
When Fay reached the age of four a newcomer came by, her name was Mara, Fay's most beloved sister, their parents first feared how their reolationship would be against eachother, however this was a big success. The two grew closer together, whenever some Bothan or some other species were annoying them, they stood together. Shamely when they came to school on their planet there weren't meny Falleens, most were species from other places. The Falleen goverment could not fight back, they even let the first diplomatic tusken into the goverment alongside some Trandoshans, Grans aswell as Twi Leks. However as Fay grew older she started to show a great intrest in plants, trees, roots and herbs. She became an alchemist abit later as she studdied the galactic flora, having her Dad ordering serval plants from Mon Calamari, Naboo and Felucia in order to make her experimenting. She have also a great expertise in making the right Fruit Tea as well as making Fire Flower Bread.
When Fay reached the age of 13 she started to fly in a ship, training by herself and a 6 year old older man named Kolyat. The two started to fly into deep Falleen space and praticed their skills there, Fay was a natural talent. Better then the most in the Falleen goverment,

((More to come ^^))
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PostSubject: Re: -Denied- Sha'lira Fay   Sun May 27, 2012 9:23 am

Application denied.

Reason: Multiple trolling on server, Inappropriate chat on the server, possible laming, OP behaviour and breaking roleplay.

Evidence: - -

Extra info: You will probably receive a temporarily ban for a week for this behaviour.

I will aswell be available for further contact to give you more details.
And i already heard you didnt had skype so..

My xfire: disket007

He Who Wishes to be Obeyed Must Know How to Command.

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-Denied- Sha'lira Fay
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