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 334 ABY - Some news

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PostSubject: 334 ABY - Some news   Sun May 27, 2012 12:44 pm

Dear members of GF,

1. Hopeful Sha'lira Fay applicaiton has been denied and wont become a member, additional info can be found in her application.

2. The creation for a new GF skin pack for Hopefuls, Initiates, Padawans and Adepts has started.

3. Some have seen Silri Celarius on with knight tags or whatever and had several complains about an inactive person becoming a knight.
I understand how everyone is feeling and this news shouldnt have reached everyone before i informed everyone why i made this decision.

To make things clear for everyone, Silri is an experienced admin user and a mature(older player) than most of us.
This means she has alot more experience with more different things than most of us have.
Aside from that, we lack admins and i had to make choices.

Alot recently caused trouble and just showed me they were not ready by far for becoming an admin.
So basically thank yourself for not yet showing me what i wanted to see.

So from this day on, Silri Celarius will go by the rank of Knight and will receive the knight admin pass.
She will help us all to improve the roleplay online and to have some more ''protection'' on the server against lamers, trolls and what ever more.

So respect her, continue the roleplay and help to improve GF.
Im sorry for the late message, but alot of research and conversations went before this message.

Aside from her being promoted, she will have to do every trial she had left before becoming a knight to catch up.

I hope i ahve informed everyone as well as i good.
Further questions can be asked through PM.


Chancellor Kain YukiShiro

He Who Wishes to be Obeyed Must Know How to Command.

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334 ABY - Some news
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