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 Memorial Grounds

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PostSubject: Memorial Grounds   Sat Apr 07, 2012 12:26 pm

Illias YukiShiro: The grandson from Kain YukiShiro.His father Vincent disappeard in the same period as Illias. We hope you two have found peace and will one day return.

Vincent YukiShiro: A son from Kain YukiShiro.Once Sergeant of Arms at The Galactic Federation and one of they key members of the Federation. He got lost but we are sure he is alive. We hope you found peace my son.

Palawa YukiShiro: Palawa YukiShiro is a younger brother from Kain YukiShiro.They are good friends and battled on each others side.Sadly enough during a huge siege attack on a Bunker system of Space Pirates, Palawa got trapped and held captive.The Federation wasnt able to rescue him from the Pirates and he was shipped of the planet. The Federation tryed to board the ship but failed.Where Palawa is now and if he is alive is unkown, The Federation was searching for months but got short on troops, and after several months they had to give up.But Dont give up hope Palawa, We will find you eventually!

Vøideãr Meetab: was a Rodian Jedi Master of The Jedi Order, a noble and respected Master.When the Grand Master, Beepo Meetab family from Voidear Meetab retired from his duties as Grand Master, Void got the title as GrandMaster.After a while The Order began to crumble and members disappeared, and one day the whole Temple was deserted.Voidear Meetab turned to the sith, teaching himself in the Dark Arts together with other old members from The Jedi Order, tho we are not sure which ones joined him and which members left Voidears Side.When Voidears home planet got under attack, Voidear went back to his home planet to help his race out. We are unsure if Beepo Meetab was on his side during the attack on Rodia but we are sure Voidear Meetab got killed during The Battle on Rodia.When the Federation arrived on Rodia the only thing they found were bodies, and in the ashes they found the body of Voidear Meetab.The once noble and Loyal Jedi Master of The Jedi Order.Rest in Peace Voidear Meetab, May The Force Be WIth You.

Milio: was a Jedi at The Jedi Order and a friend of Rai YukiShiro.Sadly enough Milio disappeard aswell at the same time other members of The Jedi Order vanished.Several personal Guards from the Federation tryed to search for Milio but with no luck.We kept on trying to dig up information but the future didnt look bright for these lost Jedi. And now after all these years, hope is lost.

Razer Deluriam: was a Knight Warrior in The Jedi Order and later to be promoted Jedi Master.The Jedi Order helped out Disk Danva in the time of war and helped the United Shadow Alliance make a history in the galaxy.What happend with Razer is unknown, after a while the Jedi Temple became deserted and most people were gone and vanished without leaving any trace...The same happend with Razer, people say he joined a Sith group and some say hes dead.What really happend with Razer is unknown, but we will always remember him as a friend and a part of our family

Rebeca YukiShiro: kain's beloved wife. When they first met it was in a time of war.But their relationship grew out to something bigger and they eventually got 5 kids.Plo, Vincent, Rai, Shahena and Athena YukiShiro, 5 great kids.Rebeca herself...Who knows what happend with her, she got lost in the galaxy or maybe even got killed...I love you, me and your sons miss you, find your way home...

Athena YukiShiro: was the oldest daughter and one of Kain's Favorites and maybe the spoiled brat from the family but he loved her.She maybe caused problems now and than but thats nothing to worry about since all teenagers were like that.But being depressed and carrying the thought that everyone hates you is a big weight to carry. And thats when she ended her own life.Making the YukiShiro another family member less.Rest in peace my daughter.

Shahene YukiShiro: was the youngest daughter of Kain YukiShiro.
She got killed at the age of 16 during a rebellion war on the planet she was staying with friends.
The people that killed her by accident or murderd her on purpose still havnt been found but the YukiShiro family is sure that they will find out and get to the buttom of it.
We will always have a empty place in our hearts now your gone Shahene, R.I.P.

Hadez Sagara: was a good friend from the United Shadow Alliance but joined them in the end fases of the War.
Hadez was an old member of the Dark Angels Jedi Order but joined the Alliance.
He was good friends with the family Danva and needed friends on his side and not strict leaders.
Hadez survived the wars but after the wars he found a other path to walk and since than we havnt seen him anymore or heard anything from him.
Your absent hurts us, Find peace Hadez Sagara.

The Grey Knight Ekkil: was a old but powerfull ally of the United Shadow Alliance.
He was Disk Danva's old Master in Disk his youth. They found each other back after a long loss of each other. Ekkil joined the Alliance serving under Disk his name, but when Disk died during the war, Ekkil disappeard.
We dont know what happend and maybe we will never know aswell.
Find your path home lost Knight.

Yoda Danva: was a relative of the Leader Disk Danva.
They fought together against the Sith uprising.
Sadly enough Yoda died during the Battle of Freedom, atleast thats what they expect.
Noone has seen him back since the Battle of Freedom on Bespin.
R.I.P Y.Danva

Arbaron: was a personal friend of Disk Danva and a loyal member of the United Shadow Alliance.
Sadly enough he died during the Battle of the Alliance Betrayal.Disk Danva witnessed how he got hit by several blaster fire,Disk Danva was to late to reach him and to save him from the Sith giving him the last blow.
May you have found peace.

Starkiller: was the youngest member of the United Shadow Alliance and the last member that the United Shadow Alliance recruited.
We believe he fell to the darkside during the wars and got corrupted.We havnt seen him since Disk Danva's death.
May you have found your path young one.

Mare Vos: was a Younling of Disk Danva during the time of the United Shadow Alliance. What happend with her is unknown, and we hope she is fine. But we lost so many people during that time that her future doesnt look bright. R.I.P

S.Gendar: One of the Beginning Saber Users of the United Shadow Alliance. He got lost during the wars and maybe fell into enemy hands or got killed during his protecting duty at the temple of the Shadow Alliance.

Remcos: was another warrior that fought together with Disk Danva and his unit. During the war they fought many battles, but 1 was the end for Remcos.

Woutje: One of the followers of Disk Danva during the war. Selfish and arrogant which caused him his life. He caused trouble but he was loyal and will be missed.

Syyyrax: A member that havnt been in the Federation long but he sure made a difference. He fought several times with us but not everything went according to plans. Syyyrax will be missed, even if we didnt knew him that well.

Stephens: Many knew him, many hated him...but we loved him as our brother. Missing or dead? thats the question many ask but we all know after all those years..

KillerNiels: In the early days he fought on the side of Disk Danva, Kyle Danva, Remcos and Plokloon. During the wars he was killed in action, noone have seen him since the war. Find peace loyalist of the Federation R.I.P

Fairy: Her time in The Federation was short, but they accepted her as a family member.
May you find peace Fairy, R.I.P.

Rai YukiShiro: My youngest son, may we see each other one day.
Rai YukiShiro, Stats: Dead/Missing

El Marshal: May you find rest and peace, A true friend that helped us in a war and had to die in one..
R.I.P El Marshal

Cross Shot: has been a guard for a long time but recently he died duo an accident.
When he was working on Muunilist, a building collapsed. May your soul rest in peace.

Venom: died in honor. He died in to give our mission a chance to succeed. Without Venom our mission would have failed....Venom died, while he was completely one with the Force, therefore I give him the rank as Jedi Knight.
Venom was a loyal and good member of HoD, we will always remember him as a great warrior

Disk Danva: Jedi Master in the beginning of The United Shadow Alliance. Died to keep the honour of his clan high.
We will always remember you Disk Danva.

The Galactic Federation.
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Memorial Grounds
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