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 Bar Wing Function

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Galen Durnal II
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PostSubject: Bar Wing Function   Mon Apr 09, 2012 9:06 pm

The Bar welcomes everyone , who enters !

Our Waiter Droids will serve you delicious Meals and refreshing Drinks . The best Music of the Galaxy
will be played by our Cantina's Jukebox .
Sit down , relax and enjoy your stay there !

Only Members of our Clan can go behind the Counter to make himself Meal's and Drinks .
Only Master's and up can arrange public Events . Knight's can do by Permission .

[size=35]Dining Table :[/size]

Rancor Burger = 4.00 Credits
Naboo Chicken Wings = 0.25 Credits (each Wing)
Kaadu Steak = 6.65 Credits
Tauntaun Steak = 10.00 Credits
Bantha Burger = 5.35 Credits

Tarisian Ale = 2.10 Credits
Correllian Ale = 3.00 Credits
Naboo Lemonade = 1.50 Credits
Coruscant Beer = 1.90 Credits
Ilum Water = 0.90 Credits
Muunilinst Ale = 4.25 Credits
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Bar Wing Function
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