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 The real story of Wes Thraken

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Wes Thraken


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PostSubject: The real story of Wes Thraken   Thu Jul 05, 2012 4:27 pm

Since I can't post anywhere else in response to this:

Quote :
I agree with Master N'Dolo on this one.
I was not online myself but reading your post, it looks like a rather harsh opinion about our rp.

Aside from that, the current rp is about a padawan that is corrupted by the sith/dark jedi.
Explain to me why the masters would involve a hopeful in such a roleplay?

And like Master N'dolo said himself, its taking initiative yourself.
Show your roleplaying potential and explore like young hopefuls do when they are young.
And with some luck we would allow you to take part with your own character in a big roleplay when you are at the rank Initiate.
Before that, hopefuls can show their potential in playing npcs during missions and help us to get a succesfull mission.

But goodluck and have fun in base.

I decided to pop back on here just for the hell of it to see what was said about me quitting. When I started looking to join some RP communities it was supposed to be a chance to start over. I've been doing the internet RP thing for a very long time actually, years before DAJ or GF or even JEDI existed. When I came here initially, I thought people were a bit more mature and skilled at RP. When I came back the second time, I was invited by someone to come onto the server and RP, only to be ignored for some Mary Sue RP plot going on for an hour. OK fine. I can kinda deal with that, and what did I do the whole time? I tried to LINK my RP with what was going on, by studying the Jedi Code and repeating over and over in it the word "peace" because the Jedi in that room were acting very not like Jedi. So even from afar, I tried to INVOLVE myself.

Then I got directly INVOLVED in a RP. I could have just blown it off, because after talking to an absent minded Jedi who was apparently bleeding all over my table or something because he seemed to be too wounded to be up and about to begin with, he swapped to an alt - his screwy little 6 year old kid who could barely speak English. But I INVOLVED myself, I chased him around, I played with him, I tried to be this little kid's friend. Aleck showed up and we got into it over the kid, it was a lot of fun. Then daddy came back and rather than RPing, started chasing Aleck around the map like a FFA troll and being a raged hormonal retard. I continued to TRY to involve myself by trying to chase after him to calm him down or stop him, but he kept flipping out and IGNORING everything I typed. Then this guy decides he doesn't like it and tries to void the whole thing, and then leaves because he didn't like how it was going. So after 2 hours of me trying to involved, everything I've done has been pretty much ignored or voided. So I stumble across a bounty hunter in a prison cell. I tried to RP that for a minute, but he wasn't very engaging. And why the hell someone's RPing a bounty hunter in a well hidden prison cell when there is a hopeful running around the building being ignored and voided for 2 hours rather than finding a way to maybe ENGAGE them is beyond me.

In my honest and fairly expert opinion, this is part of the problem that all the RP communities I've encountered have had. I left JEDI before I was even considered because of "activity"...well that wasn't the real reason, the real reason was I didn't like what I saw from them. They continually ignored me when I was on the server as if all their RP was somehow far more important than mine, and I didn't like the way they had stuck-up elitist attitudes, like "why should we care about the rest of the JKA community, we have our own." I left DAJ before I was considered for similar reasons. Again I blamed "activity" but the real reason was because people were going on the server and being nit-picky solo RPers who didn't want to get involved in my RP or wanted to CORRECT my RP because it was somehow "wrong" or the like. I got very tired of that very quickly. After 2 hours of RPing an NPC for them they virtually voided everything my NPC had told them about the area they were in and did whatever the hell they wanted. And now here, I try to involve myself in RP and get ignored and run around in void circles for 2 hours as well.

I have much better things to do with my life rather than get dragged around by elitists snobs who think their RP, whatever it is, is far bigger and more important than anything I have to contribute. Do I expect the be the center of attention the whole time I'm around? No of course not. Do I expect people to drop everything because I show up and RP with me? No, of course not. DO I EXPECT, that when there are MANY PEOPLE ON A SERVER that are STANDING AROUND IN THEIR OWN LITTLE WORLDS after COMPLETELY IGNORING SOMEONE FOR 2 HOURS, doing their OWN LITTLE RPs, for SOMEONE to maybe CONSIDER finding a way to get people together and INVOLVED rather than playing a character that's stuck in a prison cell somewhere talking to themselves for half an hour? Maybe so. Maybe I just thought that this community was about more than elitist snobs who think they can RP better than everyone.

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Supreme Chancellor
Supreme Chancellor

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PostSubject: Re: The real story of Wes Thraken   Thu Jul 05, 2012 5:38 pm

Quote :
I have much better things to do with my life

If you did you wouldnt even be replying.
But um goodluck with whatever you want to do further really.
I wasnt on like i said and probably things got messy, it happens, you know why?
Cause its a game and people like to fool around in time..

bad luck that night?
Who knows.


He Who Wishes to be Obeyed Must Know How to Command.

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Yorik Straam
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Retired Member

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PostSubject: Re: The real story of Wes Thraken   Fri Jul 06, 2012 2:59 am

Tbh, I lol'd at this post.
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Council Members


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PostSubject: Re: The real story of Wes Thraken   Fri Jul 06, 2012 8:01 am

I took the Liberty of moving the topic to here where it should be, moreover, lets talk about this I read your post on DAJ it said " you give the clans a couple of weeks you don't judge by one day" But Hmm yet? We were active those two days you came on, and because of ONE bad RP you left lol. Nice job o.o

Not trying to troll here just putting up the facts, either way goodluck and have fun with your Base and other RP's.

This topic is locked for now. ( Can be opened by Wes himself via sending me a message on the Comport.)

"To become a Jedi is a hard task,
To stay a Jedi is even harder" ~ Council Members
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PostSubject: Re: The real story of Wes Thraken   

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The real story of Wes Thraken
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