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 -Inactive- Talyarmik's application.

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PostSubject: -Inactive- Talyarmik's application.   Tue Jul 17, 2012 12:25 am

Name (RP): Talyarmik
Gender(RL): Male
AGE(RL): 18
Age (RP): 18
Gender(RP): Male
Race (RP): Energy Vampire.
Planet of Origin (RP): Unknown
Bio (RP): I was apparently apart of a crash, there is a big ship next to me. I noticed that the planet is very cold and very snowy. I think I have amnesia due to me not remembering a thing. I started yelling in a plea of help and after about a hour of yelling for assistance what seemed like a soldier came to me and said "I noticed that you where yelling and I came to help you, come with me." I stood up and followed the man to a huge door that opened as I approached it, and then I was taken to the medical bay to get my injuries healed. Sad thing is, I have cybernetic legs... Apparently I'm used to the weight so I can run, but it takes a lot of work to run, so for now I think I can't, you know with me being weak and all.
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Jack of Blades


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PostSubject: Re: -Inactive- Talyarmik's application.   Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:15 am

Your biography could use a few adjustments here and there, but as for the rest, you're good to go.

I will inform you about several other things on xfire. Welcome to the Federation.
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-Inactive- Talyarmik's application.
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