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 335ABY-Brick by Brick

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Drakyl YukiShiro
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PostSubject: 335ABY-Brick by Brick   Thu Feb 28, 2013 5:41 pm

The Academy was slowly being built at this phase of the Federations making, therefore the Council members took refuge on the old Jedi temple on Alzoc III, where they received their first recruits Aleck, Nalani, and at this time Master Galen Joined the Federation Templars.

The Council was quick and some thought rash to bump up Galen to such a rank, but he is a well known and capable Knight that served under the Dark Angel Order for many faithful years, and has trained a number of padawans, not to the rank of knight, but even so the Council members had a close and trusting relation with Galen and he was given this position -After, much debating that is-.

Few Years later new recruits flooded in by the Names of Kordan, Yorik, Velicia, and Tristan Valrain. With an Upside of Desmund YukiShiro the Biological son of Chancellor YukiShiro, The council welcomed him with open arms, and quickly promoted him to the rank of master which was previously a knight in the former order of the Dark Angels.

A few cycles later; 336 the construction of the new temple was done and the council had plans to move to it, but they were interrupted due to several pirate related incidents that required the council to stay on Alzoc and protect the Trade roots while facing the upcoming Pirate attacks for several months. During this time Master's Carver N'dolo and YukiShiro, fought bravely and stood strong against these enemies, with the help of their already Growing in both Saber and Force Padawans, Kordan, Velica and Nalani. While Master ~Error...~ and Master Galen attended a full front attack on the enemies base along side padawans Aleck, Yorik, and Tristan, who showed much valor and bravery in this fight, while they demonstrated their saber skills very well, but they seemed to lack the appropriate discipline for them to move further in their training.
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335ABY-Brick by Brick
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