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 338ABY- The Force, The Saber, and The Mind.

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Drakyl YukiShiro
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PostSubject: 338ABY- The Force, The Saber, and The Mind.   Thu Feb 28, 2013 6:03 pm

After the Jedi found the remains of an old Jedi temple on Yavin 4, which Master N'dolo wished to explore, the Order put off their move and attempted to live in this new and vast temple for a while.

"It didn't come without Adventure, who knew that this old hump of rocks had so much secrets"~ Padawan Tristan

The first few months were spent in training, Master Kain Yukishiro took a great deal of time to immerse himself and the padawans in the saber arts, as they trained day and night on basic saber fighting techniques, with the help of both Masters Desmund Yukishiro and Master Galen, they worked as one, fought as one. This made Master YukiShiro very pleased, as some of the Padawans showed natural fighting abilities, such as Padawan Aleck, Padawan Yorik, and Padawan Velicia. Master YukiShiro did was not one to be satisfied with In-doors training only, on the contrary he forced the padawans to live outside the temple for weeks without their sabers to see what they would do, and how would they survive. He also took frequently hunting trips to train their blaster skills, and marksmanship, Needless to say the Padawans grew closer to each other and to Master YukiShiro, Though some resented his training techniques, and described them as vulgar.

Master N'dolo along Knight Silri, a newly knighted member of the order who resigned form the Republic order and joined with the Galactic Federation. Trained the Padawans several things, mostly knowledge and Force wielding, although this topic did not appeal to several people such as the group who fancied saber training the most, but none the less some found it very appealing and interesting, such as Padawan Kordan, and Padawan Nalani. They took heart when trained with the force and faced the tedious classes and tiring ones that Master N'dolo Arranged, but Knight Silri was always able to Make things better, by advising Master N'dolo to make it more fun, and so he did...well as much as a Serious Kel'dor could. He arranged expeditions to temples he previously has found, or hav been uncovered by others.

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338ABY- The Force, The Saber, and The Mind.
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