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 339ABY- The Young War.

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Drakyl YukiShiro
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PostSubject: 339ABY- The Young War.   Thu Feb 28, 2013 6:23 pm

Battle broke lose, between the Galactic Federation and several other small factions, mostly mercenaries and pirates. The Masters found it easy and a smooth war, that had no effect on the Galactic Federation or its organs. Sadly, things took a turn for the worst, when sith were found in the middle of all this, the Galactic Federation went into full alert, The Federations army marched to face the sith's. All Padawans were called to war, although the council agreed they were too young for such a thing, but they had no other choice.

Master Kain Yukishiro lead the space warfare with his Flag Ship The Senatorain, and the Galactic Federations Armada. Master ~Error.... Lead the Land warfare, and tactics, although mostly he would jump to the front lines aiding in the fight, along side Master Galen and Master Desmund, and Padawans Aleck, Yorik, Velica, Tristan and Storm. As for Master N'dolo, he took the Special ops part of this war, along side Padawans, Nalani and Kordan, with a handful of troops which was later on known as Double S. They would usually go in before the Fleet moved in on the planet to fight. Their main objectives were usually Re-con, Sabotage and the Occasional Hostage Situation.

The war lasted less than a year before the sith retreated suddenly, The council Knew something was not right, and decided to put the fleet around the core planets that formed this Federation, a well tactic to protect the main recourses and centers of the populations. Master ~Error~ Took to the planet of Tatooine which has been suffering at the hands of an unknown enemy, taking only a small but effective modified squad of Hk-Unites. The war ended badly for Tatooine as half of the planet burned and earthquakes broke out splitting several land parts of Tatooine.

Master N'dolo as well also spent most of his time searching for the Sith. While Padawans took to their Jedi training and normal lives again.

Master Kain took to politics and his practice of Saber Arts.
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339ABY- The Young War.
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