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 339.84ABY- The Wicked Child.

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Drakyl YukiShiro
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PostSubject: 339.84ABY- The Wicked Child.    Thu Feb 28, 2013 6:51 pm

After a long time off world, and out of contact, Master N'dolo returned with disturbing news. That never left the ears or walls of the council. All resumed their Normal lives, but Master N'dolo always seemed uneasy always on guard and seemed a bit disturbed.

When Asked by his students he simply remarked that he is sick. Few days Later Aleck was assigned to Master Kain, but before that he was confronted by the council which held him down while Master N'dolo Entered his thoughts and memories....Error, Archive not found, skipping ahead..... Days later Master YukiShiro and his padawan studied and practiced, Master YukiShiro took great deal of care while teaching him, he always instructed about the thin line between Sith and Jedi, warned him about the Dark side of the force. Master N'dolo kept a close eye on aleck and what was later known as a mental barriers to stop the Dark side from interfering.

Alas, Aleck, who's now known as The Wicked Child gave into temptation and attempted to kill Velicia, whom was deeply in love with him, or so she thought.....He ran in rage through the temple attempting to kill Master N'dolo, who skillfully pushed him out of the temple doors and smashed him into a tree detaining him. Master YukiShiro then came and attempted to talk sense into him, but Aleck refused and spoke of the sith as a law, he spoke that the sith are the fire and we are the wood, ready to be burned. Master YukiShiro took no regard to his statement, and attempted to again talk some sense to him, but Master N'dolo made it clear that he is lost. Several of his friends attempted to stop the inevitable. Master Galen, Master Desmund, Master YukiShiro and Master N'dolo, stood in front of Aleck, and severed his connection to the force, Velicia didn't Handle it well and stormed out of the temple, so did Yorik. Abandoning their training.

Master Galen retired from the order after becoming a father.
Master Desmund went MIA.
Master N'dolo was Killed in action trying to save the padawans.
Padawan kordan was Killed in Action.
Padawan Tristan left.
Padawan Nalani Retired.
Padawan Storm Killed in Action.
knight Siliri went MIA
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339.84ABY- The Wicked Child.
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