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 -Active- Shei Hik'aru

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Shei Hik'aru


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PostSubject: -Active- Shei Hik'aru   Fri May 17, 2013 8:38 pm

Name (RP): Shei Hik'aru
Gender(RL): Male
AGE(RL): 28
Age (RP): 14
Gender(RP): Male
Race (RP): Nagai
Planet of Origin (RP): Dantooine

Shei Hik'aru, not a name was given to a Nagai more embarrassing then this. It was funny actually, it was a name planned for a young lass who- by the twist of fates- would be born a young lad instead. As many might know, the way a child is born is by that of a mother and father, as this is the same case for Shei, it would turn out rather different then one might expect; now, what is meant by this is that Shei was born from the process of a caesarean section- a c-section if you will. If you believe these tid-bits are to... choppy and unorganized, I believe so to- let's begin on a fresh note, shall we?

As stated before, the young Shei Hik'aru was born from a shady family of Nagai upon Dantooine, his father being a spice smuggler- consistently keeping his employers a mystery to those around him-, and his mother who payed the taxes and did more to work her way into the different types of "milk" whenever she gets the chance. The family seemed to always be "working out of the rut brought up by life" as Shei's father put it; however, this only applied to his mother and his father- Shei never did appear to be the common Nagai within there eyes- Shei always seemed to spend his free time working within the gardens, exploring the forests, gathering different types of cloth in the hopes to knit some lavishing new attires for himself and his one childhood romance- but he never wishes to speak of that foolish affair again-.

Now, aside from his wonderful times with gardening, tailoring, and seeming to be evolving into a type of nature conservative, he also had taken up a job as a janitor within the collage upon Dantooine which focused more upon the sciences of the galaxy- Chemistry, Physics, Biology and so forth- Now, whenever he had some free time while within working hours, Shei enjoyed pestering the students of the classrooms in order to get a foundation upon the subject they had been studying- most where kind enough to explain to him the subjects and most of the equations when they themselves had the chance. After five years of this cycle, Shei had acquired the knowledge he had needed to challenge even those within the academies upon Coruscant- leaving his family excited - though a bit sheepish- at what he could accomplish with his knowledge and what they could achieve from it; however, this would be a dream left unfulfilled after a visit from a peculiar hermit.

To Shei's knowledge, the hermit had only informed them of a gift within the him with a blunt- and quick conversation. After this, Shei'd be taken away from his home, his garden, and brought to a location that he'd never seen before--
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PostSubject: Re: -Active- Shei Hik'aru   Fri May 17, 2013 9:22 pm

A very interesting application.
Now i must however inform you about the fact that we havnt launched ''officially'' yet but im trying to keep things running slowly but steady lately.
Therefore you are more than welcome to join our sofar ''little'' order.
I hope we can meet irp soon and actually interact with one another to see how things go.

Goodluck during your trial period, im looking forward to it.



He Who Wishes to be Obeyed Must Know How to Command.

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-Active- Shei Hik'aru
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