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 345 ABY - A Jedi Awareness Campaign Launched by the Galactic Federation.

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Diana Allera


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PostSubject: 345 ABY - A Jedi Awareness Campaign Launched by the Galactic Federation.   Sun Jun 02, 2013 6:44 pm

Hello, This Diana Allera reporting Live from the news station, were the launching of a Universe wide Campaign by the Galactic Federation will be launched in 5 Days.

The Aim of the campaign is to enlighten the current population of this great universe about the jedi, what they do, how to detect them, and those whom are force sensitive must join the galactic federation. There is a great many things included in this Campaign, including which footage of Training within and outside the temple, this video also shows declassified missions done by the jedi of this order, with the help of the Galactic Federation's army and brave men at arm.

The motto of this Campaign has been yet to be released even! But my sources say it's close to the lines of:
"Being a Jedi isn't a job, Nor a hobby, its a way of life"
"Becoming a Jedi is hard, staying as one is even harder!"
"We are Jedi, We are brothers, We are the protectors, We are the Galactic Federation"

These are just Samples of what i was able to hear from the Editing Rooms! I can't say what you'll see in this Campaign or how will the Galactic Federation be shown! All I can say for now, the Galactic Federation Campaign is going to be a big eye opener.

This was Diana Allera Galactic Federation of Free Alliances Report,
Signing off.
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345 ABY - A Jedi Awareness Campaign Launched by the Galactic Federation.
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