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 333ABY-The Departure.

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PostSubject: 333ABY-The Departure.   Sat Apr 07, 2012 7:39 pm

"Seeing how things are messed up in DAJ, i have joined both Masters kain, and Jack o a new quest, A quest of fighting, peace, and justice. I have embarked on the path of the jedi..." ~ Carver N'dolo

After the three newly appointed council Members Kain, Jack, and Carver have left their former temple they started their own here on Alzoc III. Seeing how they are alone the three decided to open their gates to welcome force-sensitive people into their own temple. Both Masters are guiding the newly found Force-Sensitive people and at the same time searching for new ones, as it is their job to protect and guide all fellow jedi and force sensitive people to a path of truth, justice, and protection, The path of light!

Carver alongside his master Jack started searching for new force sensitive people,.
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333ABY-The Departure.
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