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 -Accepted- Application for Bavack

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Bavick Harite III


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PostSubject: -Accepted- Application for Bavack   Sat Apr 07, 2012 8:20 pm


(IC) Ja'vell Bavack


(OOC) 16 (IC) 15



Planet of Origin:



My parents were slaughtered by the Trade Federation remnants 6 days after I was born.
Luckily, a Wookie came upon my destroyed home and took me in for 1 year.

Because of increased aggression with the TFR, the Galactic Peacekeepers known as Jedi came and secured the wookie village. They took me in after reading my mediclorian count. Hadez, though initiate at the time, took the heavy responsibility of taking me under his teaching after he finished his trials.

I was 8 when Hadez left my side, I was not allowed on the rescue mission to save Master Tarin, and his apprentice. Hadez died by a Mark II Battle droid wound to his heart, and I was taken under by Saint Musashi. A single Saber master. For years I trained with him, until the fall of the III Jedi Order. I went into hiding with him on Tantooine, where we lived with the Jawa's aboard their sand crawlers for years, and I learned to scavenge for my needs of survival.

After years and years of Hiding, The two of us created a clan called "Jedi Sentinels".
We eventually became a army of 500 strong, but were wiped out by a man named Battles.

I am the last Jedi Sentinel. Eventually, however, I overcame Battles and his wicked assassin's at age 13 with the force as my primary ally. This feat spread throughout the galaxy like wildfire.
the year was 331 ABY when I crash landed on Yxun VX. It was a small forest moon on the outer rim. From there, I found the SCHOOL OF WAR. I met many people, and trained for almost 2 years in total isolation, from dusk to dawn, every day, every night.

*My intro*

Despite all that I've been through, I can't seem to recollect any of the above information. I awaken in a prison block within the Academy, with my memory erased. I must make new friends and regain lost skills in order to remember my past.

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Jack of Blades


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PostSubject: Re: -Accepted- Application for Bavack   Sat Apr 07, 2012 8:47 pm

Looks alright. Welcome and good luck!
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-Accepted- Application for Bavack
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