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 -Important!- Additional GF rule guide

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-Important!- Additional GF rule guide Empty
PostSubject: -Important!- Additional GF rule guide   -Important!- Additional GF rule guide EmptyWed May 23, 2012 4:51 pm

Date: 23-5-12

Additional rules.
The following rules are approved by the high & low council and have to be followed the moment you log in onto the server or when you are in contact with any of the members OOC.

Skin use for: Hopefuls, Initiates, padawans an adepts.
No personal skins can be used without permission of the council, this is if you have a specie that isn’t available in one of our provided skin packs.
If you do get approval, you have the option to pick/make one skin and use it until you reach knight level.
Before that time no updates may be posted or used and you will have to use your choosed skin at all time unless a master or council member tells you otherwise.

Password use: Passwords may only be given by masters or council, if they are not online don’t risk any problems if you are lower ranked.
The passwords on our packs or our clan pass are meant for members only!
Passing this pass on without permission of the council will result in an immediate de-rank and you will be banned for an amount of time decided by the council.
This ban can as well be permanent.

Be sure to keep every password acquired and make sure to double check if you log in.
If you make a flaw in the login its possible the message shows up in the chat.
This can of course happen in an accident, so if this happens make sure to PM the council members on the forum, they will arrange a password change and will provide everyone with a new password.

Language: Like said before, the moment you enter the server you are entering a role play environment. The use of language during the role plays are most important.
We will not tolerate cursing and sexual chat on our server, if hear any complains about a certain person you will be summoned by the council for your deeds.

Our actions depend on the situation and what has been said.
We can follow our standard protocol: Slap, kick and ban.
The ban depends on what the council will decide what is most suited.

Respect: Its important to show respect to your elders, higher ranked and fellow members. These respect rules are for OOC and IRP. Breaking these results will result in a protocol punishment which will be decided by the Council.

Warning for those that think its ok for acting out of line, logs will and are checked regularly by the council!
Important reminders how to act: Calling a knight and up for example goes by the following: Master YukiShiro or Chancellor YukiShiro.
Same rules apply for any other council member or master.

Admin protocol: For admins its important to show a mature level towards other players. Its as well important to direct members, inform them about certain rules(if they ask or break these) and to correct other members if they act without following the right protocol.

Even members should can correct admins, just make sure to tell them in PM. If the admin keeps doing what he does(which isn’t correct), PM a council member on the forum or on the server. The council will take the correct steps to deal with this problem.

For admins its important to know that they shouldn’t abuse their powers and use them In the correct way.
Example: Before teleporting you will ghost yourself(else its possible you might kill someone and break their RP). No spawning of NPC’s, vehicles or anything else without permission by the council.
This will prevent the server from crashing or people from disconnecting if they are missing certain packs.

Punishment for admins breaking rules are HIGHER than normal members breaking them. When receiving multiple complains about an admin this can result in a temporarily ban or a de-rank to a level where the admin wont have anymore admin at all.

Admins can request permission for bans and kicks if there is a higher ranked member online or try to contact a council member on skype or xfire.
Bans have to be approved by the COUNCIL, breaking this rule can result in severe punishment.

Chatting on server: Many times the chat gets spammed by guest or random ooc by members. We like to keep our ooc chat as low as possible. For a good role play environment without ooc interference, ooc chat must be brought to either the Clan chat, PM’s or a made Clan chat for guest.

Please inform guest that its important to use PM for questions, if they have a lot of questions bring them to a clanchat.
How to do this? Open console – Type: Say_team_mod clan – Type: Clanpass ‘’make up a pass’’
This prevents from chat spam of questions etc.
If a guest has a lot of questions its even advisable to give him/her our clan website: or even direct him/her to a master or council member.

Map rules: Its not allowed by guest or members without permission to use our holo/simulation room(npc rooms). Its not allowed to spawn any vehicles or NPC’s in other rooms. Certain rooms can be locked and should be locked at all time unless an admin is busy with this room.
If these rooms are not locked this should be reported immediately so an admin can lock these rooms.

If a guest is spawning vehicles randomly, inform him at once that this isn’t allowed. Does he/she continue, inform an admin.

Its as well not allowed to destroy anything during your stay on the server, unless this is an approved role play action by an admin.
Breaking any of these rules will result in a punishment followed by the protocol used by the council.

Use of [GF] tag: Wearing these tags means you are representing GF, this is of course if you have permission in using these tags on a diplomatic mission to a different order(server).
This permission can only be granted by the COUNCIL, without their permission its forbidden to use the GF tags on any other server than the GF main server.

Breaking these rules will be punished with a temporarily ban, decided by the council.

Non members cant use the tags on our server, this is clan pass protected.
Like noted above, this pass is strictly meant for members only!

However, it is possible non members use our tags to impersonate a GF member to cause a conflict with a certain server or to give GF a bad name.
When this happens or if you find anyone using this name and this person isn’t known by yourself, contact the council or any admin immediately.

Its also important for other server admins(owners) to inform GF personally about such a problem.
Example: GF members breaking rules on their server, trolling, spamming or laming.
Or its possible someone pretended to be a member of GF and we can find out if this gets reported.

Aside from this problem which can occur, its also possible that people might talk trash about GF and will try to cause a bad name for us in this way.
If you hear any complains about us, please note down the server IP & clan/order name, and any available information about the person that comes forward with the complain.

The GF council will try to deal and solve this problem further.
So remember, don’t use tags outside GF server without permission and note down as much information possible about a complain or a non recognized member of GF.

OOC Rules: Even OOC there are certain rules to be followed.
We like to keep an as high as possible respect level towards anyone, since we don’t see a point in talking trash or curse at a person without a valid reason.
So when you are talking to someone you know from JKA(other clan member) or player, its important to show a professional and mature level towards the person.

If trolling, spamming, teasing or anything else happens OOC or even IRP, contact a council member immediately about this problem.
We will do our best in solving this matter as soon as possible cause we don’t find this tolerated by anyone who causes these problems.

This is for outsiders or even members.
We find OOC affairs extremely important and we take this very serious, so be warned we are not scared to deal with this on a mature level and this may even result in a court order and fine if this law finds this accusing serious enough.

Multiclanning policy: From this date on we wont allow anymore multiclanning. Meaning it wont be allowed to be in another clan aside from GF.
This will prevent inactivity from the member or any absence when there is an event from the other clan planned.

Breaking this rule may result in exile from the order.

Signed, Federation council.

Important note: Extra rules will and can be added any day, be sure to check in regulary for updates.


During duels(spars) its important to keep a certain level of respect towards your opponent(s).
This simply means, dont attack the person if he/she is unarmed.
This can happen if you kick the person on the ground, the person dropping his/her saber or any other reason why he/she cannont attack or defend him/herself.

Make sure to keep this rule in mind, its very important and we will monitor spars(duels) regularely if this rule is being followed.
There are of course exceptions, this means if its a life threatning situation(role playing duel).
This means your character might die(you loose your char).
When this is the situation you are allowed to do anything in your power to win the duel, even attacking a unarmed person.

He Who Wishes to be Obeyed Must Know How to Command.

-Important!- Additional GF rule guide F6bec87ca1c563cd
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Supreme Chancellor

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-Important!- Additional GF rule guide Empty
PostSubject: Re: -Important!- Additional GF rule guide   -Important!- Additional GF rule guide EmptyThu May 24, 2012 7:12 pm

Update 24-5-12

Hallway Rules: Like said before, when you are online on the server you agreed to RP.
Its not allowed to run, jump or spar(duel) in the hallways or in any other area where it is not allowed without permission.
You are free to run and jump in the gardens, however there are of course limits. This can be done playfully like in a role play.
Spars(duels) can be done in one of the training rooms or in the arena.
If you wish to duel anywhere else, please ask one of the admins permission to do so.

Game type rules: Even if our server says FFA, we all know that we are a RP server, like our server name tells everyone [GF] Main RP.
If anyone that connects think otherwise please inform him/her about the rules and that isn’t not allowed to FFA anywhere on the server.

It is as well not allowed to change the game type of the server without permission from the council.
If the game type is changed, its possible for a mission or event arranged by the council itself.

Multiple Characters: Council decided its not allowed to have more than 1 character since this date. The people that currently have a second char are allowed to use them. Some of them are informed to use this character as less as possible cause of this rule.

People that didn’t inform the council about their second character or were planning on making one should contact the council.
It is possible to get approval if this would improve the rule play or if its needed for a role play.
It is also possible some people are planning on a character role play which will eventually kill their main char and wish to continue with their newly created char.
This needs to be approved by the council as well.

We check the logs if a new person connects to be sure it’s a guest playing and not a member of GF.
This is to be sure no existing member will cause any problems cause of being bored or anything else.

Having Possessions: Like the real Jedi, we do not own anything. This is of course unless you receive something by the council itself.
Meaning that members are not allowed to buy any vehicles, items, weapons or anything else without permission.
Even with permission we like to keep it as realistic as possible.
A Hopeful buying a Star Destroyer wont be very realistic nor would he/she have the money to do so.

Light saber Rules: When you start at GF you wont have a light saber the same day. You will receive one for trainings and/or spars(duels). The masters will decide when it is the right time for you to receive a light saber of your own.
They will as well decide what color you get(this can of course be discussed).
The colors black & white are not allowed and wont be used by anyone.

Another rule for the use of a light saber, you cant use one without the proper training by a master.
If you have an background story for your character, some skills can be discussed together with the council if its allowed or not.
The rules for using swords are of course not any different than for a light saber.
For using a staff or double the rules are even more strict.
You need several classes before being able to use any of these weapons as your primary.
This means if you just had one class, you are not allowed to use your staff or double for spars or anything else.

The use of RGB colors are allowed until told otherwise.
Be sure to keep the colors close to Blue, Green, Purple(pink), Yellow and Orange.
The Red saber color is not allowed without permission by the council!

Additional Character Rules: Its important to role play your character at the age he/she is. This means the knowledge your character has should be minimum the younger the character is and the higher the older the character is.

Another important not for your character is that it shouldn’t be carrying a weapon in his hand.
Is allowed when a master tells you so or if its a life threatening situation.
So when you are walking around and role playing, use melee option to keep your hands like they should.
Its even possible to download a stance so your character keeps his arms down like a normal person would have when ‘’acting’’ normal.

This same rule of course applies for the use of blasters and such(merc).
Its not allowed to carry these weapons without permission given by the council(or admin).

Renaissance Academy map rules: Additional information for the admins.
Do not spawn any NPC’s or vehicles with the spawning codes for use in the console.
For admins its important to check the maps if the rooms(shown in the academy schematic) are locked for outsiders.
These rooms have buttons where people can spawn NPC’s with.
These rooms should be locked to prevent abuse of these rooms.

The security room is only accessible by the Praetorian guard.
Breaking this rule may result in a temporarily jail time punishment.

He Who Wishes to be Obeyed Must Know How to Command.

-Important!- Additional GF rule guide F6bec87ca1c563cd
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Supreme Chancellor

Posts : 116
Join date : 2012-04-05
Age : 31

-Important!- Additional GF rule guide Empty
PostSubject: Re: -Important!- Additional GF rule guide   -Important!- Additional GF rule guide EmptyFri Jun 08, 2012 5:03 pm

Update 8-6-12

Saber, Force and Melee class information

Saber classes:
Its important to follow certain rules for new members.
They wont be allowed to use yellow or red stance if they didn’t had any proper saber classes from a master.

Blue Stance: Requires around 1 or 2 classes, depending on how well the student does and improves while using this style.

Yellow Stance: Minimum of 4 classes and the same rule applies. It depends on the student on how well he progresses with using this style.
Its a lot more advanced then the blue stance and requires a lot more attention.

Red Stance: Minimum of 7 classes. A much heavier stance and a lot more difficult to use.
To teach this stance, the student should be experienced in using blue and yellow stance before continuing learning red stance.

Additional info: Each class has to be at least 20 minutes and has to be posted on our forum when completed.
Make sure to remember the class limit, its not allowed to teach a student tons of different classes in one day so he/she matches a master.
They need to be patience and stick to our teaching rules.
Aside from that, IRP the student(player) would get tired after a certain amount of time training.

Melee Classes:

Training in hand to hand combat is difficult. You can easily get injured during these trainings and they require a good stamina.
Only an experienced Jedi Master can give these classes, this is to prevent any major injuries or accidents during the training.

Before being able to call yourself an expert in the arts of Melee combat, you require to follow a minimum of 5 classes.
Make sure to take your time during these classes and play close attention to the demo’s the Master will give.

Force classes:

The basic force powers have similar rules with saber classes.
You have to stick to the class limit, and with force powers there is even a more realistic touch.

Students have a certain limit with their force usage, the higher ranked the student is the longer he can train with using a certain force power and actually train in it.

This means if a student wishes to learn 2 completely different force powers on the same day, this will be extremely hard to accomplish.
The student would need to focus a lot on how to use this force power for the first time and would consume a lot of force in doing so.
And after doing that a first time it would be extremely hard to suddenly focus on something completely different.

Cause the younger the student is, the more difficult it is to actually learn several different things shortly after each other.
So keep in mind to let the student focus on one certain force power a day.

Sith Powers: These powers cant be taught to someone that’s below the rank of knight.
All the dark side powers have to be taught by a master.

These rules are made for several clear reasons.
IRP a master can control his/her emotions much better than a knight or any lower ranked member.
Even knights have to be closely monitored if they are suited for learning a certain dark side power.

Every force power there is, cant be learned or taught by yourself.
They need to be taught by someone who is allowed to and is experienced in this power.

Advanced Force Powers: These powers are extremely hard to learn.
Some of these advanced powers can be learned from a master who have learned the power him/her self.
This would results in learning the power faster than normal.
Normal time IRL would be around 3 months to learn an advanced force power.
And before starting, you need to inform the council on the forum about your force power.
They will have to look in the request and determine if you are suited to learn the requested force power.

He Who Wishes to be Obeyed Must Know How to Command.

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PostSubject: Re: -Important!- Additional GF rule guide   -Important!- Additional GF rule guide Empty

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-Important!- Additional GF rule guide
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