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345 ABY - A Jedi Awareness Campaign Launched by the Galactic Federation.
Free forum : Galactic Federation - Portal EmptySun Jun 02, 2013 6:44 pm by Diana Allera
Hello, This Diana Allera reporting Live from the news station, were the launching of a Universe wide Campaign by the Galactic Federation will be launched in 5 Days.

The Aim of the campaign is to enlighten the current population of this great universe about the jedi, what they do, how to detect them, and those whom are force sensitive must join the galactic federation. There is a great many things included in this Campaign, including which footage of Training within and outside the temple, this video also shows declassified missions done by the jedi of this order, with the help of the Galactic Federation's army and brave men at arm.

The motto of this Campaign has been yet to be released even! But my sources say it's close to the lines of:
"Being a Jedi isn't a job, Nor a hobby, its a way of life"
"Becoming a Jedi is hard, staying as one is even harder!"
"We are Jedi, We are brothers, We are the protectors, We are the Galactic Federation"

These are just Samples of what i was able to hear from the Editing Rooms! I can't say what you'll see in this Campaign or how will the Galactic Federation be shown! All I can say for now, the Galactic Federation Campaign is going to be a big eye opener.

This was Diana Allera Galactic Federation of Free Alliances Report,
Signing off.

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Happy New Year - 335 ABY
Free forum : Galactic Federation - Portal EmptyThu May 31, 2012 9:37 pm by Diana Allera
Another year has passed...a most dramatic one, to be honest. We are not only wishing you a happy new year, but also bringing the most important events that occurred recently.
One would be the raised number of the bandits, thugs, mercenaries and also pirates throughout the galaxy. They do not seem to bring much trouble though...other than dealing several weapon caches, drugs and such. The Galactic authorities don't seem to find any useful info about them either.

On the other hand, a ''former secret'' team of scientists sent by the Galactic Senate itself has established a researching base in the deep forests of Kashyyyk. Of course, they are called ''former secret'' because a tragic catastrophe happened out there, which was of course noticed by many of the planet's inhabitants and news spread quick. That facility the scientists have built should've taken a lot of time to be accomplished...and so we figure out that they were there for a few years or so. Anyway, along with that, a nuclear reactor has been forged as well...the reasons still being unknown to us. The reactor had a sudden power output surge, which led to series of explosions. These events exposed the graphite moderator of the reactor to air, causing it to ignite. The resulting fire sent a plume of highly radioactive smoke fallout into the atmosphere and over an extensive geographical area. At this moment, the center of the planet is severely contaminated, this probably spreading throughout huge areas of the forest. Also, this disaster is said to occur on other planets as well, since it is believed these reactors have been built on several parts of the galaxy...but it's still a rumor. Right now, strategic plans are discussed in order to either evacuate the people of Kashyyyk or to attempt isolating the contaminated areas.

And the last but not the least breaking news is the secure of Tatooine. After one year of unstoppable battles between this important task's owner and the Sand People - the largest threat ever existing on this planet...the planet has been at last freed. On the planet's surface..with the help of one of the oldest assassination type of droid - the HK Units. It seems that Master Ror'jhan has found a way to upgrade their memory well as other processors and so, he enabled the full capacity of these ''killing machines''. Most of the towns were freed, and the desert has been mostly secured. As for the last threat...the Star Destroyer on the planet's disappeared just when it was on the brink of being assaulted. Though before departing, it fired few main turrets at the planet, ravaging few areas of the landscape. Although suffering many losses, Tatooine will be restored in time, thanks to the newest hero of the current time. As soon as the task has been accomplished, he has just vanished. Either way, the Senate hasn't forgot about the promised reward. It is said that someone will be sent at the Galactic Federation's Temple with it.
Tatooine will have a long way from recovering completely...but it will survive...this disaster empowering it's inhabitants in a them faith.

Free forum : Galactic Federation - Portal Tatooine-TOR

Happy New Year....335!

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333 ABY - Chaos on Tatooine
Free forum : Galactic Federation - Portal EmptyThu Apr 19, 2012 4:11 pm by Diana Allera
Several reports indicate that there have been uncountable riots inside Tatooine's towns and around them in the past few days. The sand people started conquering every place inhabited by others than them. The civilians have gone insane and began to steal everything that could help them kill something, even get murdered in trying such thing. Shortly after this attempted invasion, bounty hunters also run mad, by killing anyone who gets in their way. Almost every ship that leaves the landscape gets blasted by unknown turrets, so it is almost impossible for anyone to escape the planet. This disaster doesn't end here either...krayt dragons seem to be lured out of their caves and they started attacking everything on sight as well. Nobody attempted to help the poor survivors on this blasted planet, and so there are rumors Tatooine will be just a war zone for a long time; the sand people being the ones that will rule the planet.

This is Diana Allera from the Galactic Federation's news center. We will be updating you as this story unfolds.

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Happy New Year - 334 ABY
Free forum : Galactic Federation - Portal EmptyTue May 01, 2012 2:40 pm by Diana Allera
This is Diana Allera, reporter of the Galactic Federation wishing you a happy new year and bringing you the most recent Galactic News.

Several weapon deals have been reported on various sections of the Galaxy - this being currently investigated on by the local forces. Other than that, the conflict on Tatooine hasn't changed with the exception of a Star Destroyer being sighted on it's orbit by many. There are rumors of a single ship leaving it's surface and getting through the blockade. Yes, there is a blockade that uses to destroy any ship that attempts to leave the planet. As for the possible survivors on the planet, there is no sign of them. Further investigations must be done.

We will update you on this story once we find more. Until then, have a happy new year!

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333 ABY - New Tournament Announcement!
Free forum : Galactic Federation - Portal EmptyThu Apr 26, 2012 6:00 pm by Diana Allera
This is Diana Allera with a quick news flash!

I received a personal message from Supreme Chancellor Kain YukiShiro himself.
He just announced the following tournament on all Galactic Federation channels!
Check out this exclusive poster yourself and decide the following...

Will you take part!?

I will personally be there to give you live images from the event, i cant wait for the date announcement!

Diana Allera, out.

Free forum : Galactic Federation - Portal Blaster%20Disaster

Fill in the following for signing up!
(Tournament date will be decided after min. 6 signed up).

Sign up form:

Did you download the required maps?:

Maplist for tournament(Mapsection V): Number 21, 22, 23 & 24

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333.42 ABY -- Trading Roots robbed.
Free forum : Galactic Federation - Portal EmptyThu Apr 12, 2012 11:09 am by Council Members
Our current trading roots from Alzoc III and Tantooin have been attacked by raiders. This ship contained several medical bacta tanks, even more tantanium ore. Several of the people guarding the shipment said that the attackers came out of no where without a single ship they just attached themselves to the ships and started dismantling it into small pieces, they actively opened the hall of the ship making all personal suffocate to death, the captain and bridge control members got into the pods fast enough, he also claimed that the attackers were NOT wearing any masks and also had spider-looking beasts with them.

Diana: " So you saw those things, can you describe them?"

Captain: " I think its gods punishment on us all! god save us all! *Starts screaming before medical teams give him sedative drugs*"

Diana: " well nothing.... Master Hawk"

Master hawk: "Hmm?"

Diana: " seeing what happened is the Galactic Federation going to investigate this?"

Master Hawk: " I cannot take decisions for the Council, but i shall try my best to make them investigate it, and if they don't wish to investigate it. I shall personally look into the matter, you have my kel'dor word on that"

Diana: " well you heard it first here, at Galactic Federation's Channel stay tunned as we follow up on this"

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