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 343ABY- The Age of change!

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Drakyl YukiShiro
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343ABY- The Age of change! Empty
PostSubject: 343ABY- The Age of change!   343ABY- The Age of change! EmptyThu Feb 28, 2013 6:58 pm

"I spent years traveling the universe in search of a home, but I came to realization, home is where your loved ones are. Therefore, I have returned here to where I belong beside my beloved brother Kain, whom has decided to open up his doors to force users from around so they would receive proper training, this has gladdened my heart....I know my brother he is the kind of man that will die before betraying his believes, he's a true man of steel, deadly with both light saber and force, I'm proud to serve under him. I'm proud to be here beside him again." ~ Drakyl YukiShiro

On this day we the new council members of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, have decided to once again open our gates to new hopefuls whom wish to be trained under the Federation's Flag. We have currently reopened several new enclaves around the galaxy, one located in Dantooine, another on our home world, and the last in a hidden location that will not be announced for the time being. The council members have been tiding around after the order was dissolved a decade ago, by the original developers, Kain YukiShiro, Carver N'dolo, and ~Error Name removed from Archive....Processing.....~. The Supreme chancellor has given a statement on why he has reopened his halls to train force users.

"Decades ago I went on a mission with two of my Jedi brethren to reorganize and purify the orders of the Jedi, those who now are corrupted by the Republic Senate....Today, I attempt that mission again, for I cannot stand by and see future generation of Jedi crumbling and deviating from the true path of the Jedi, once again I will train, educate, and most importantly RAISE the new generation of Jedi, whom in hopes will some day carry out my message to the world....We are the Jedi, Servants of the Forces will, we shall be just and fight with honor, we shall not whimper we shall not back down, the Jedi will rise again, better than before!" ~ Supreme Chancellor Kain Yukishiro.

Positions has been changed:

Lead-Resource Maintainer: Former Carver N'dolo to Drakyl YukiShiro
Former Council Members: Carver N'dolo.....Error Name removed from archives.
New Council Member: Drakyl YukiShiro
Lead-Librarian: Drakyl YukiShiro
Lead-Medical: Former Name Removed from Archives to Drakyl YukiShiro.
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343ABY- The Age of change!
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