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 Khaylen Eluanek - Public

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Khaylen Eluanek - Public Empty
PostSubject: Khaylen Eluanek - Public   Khaylen Eluanek - Public EmptySat Jul 27, 2013 11:21 pm

Name (RP): Khaylen Eluanek
Gender(RL) Male
AGE(RL) 19
Age (RP): 27
Gender(RP): Female
Race (RP): Null/Arkanian offshoot hybrid
Planet of Origin (RP): Unknown
Bio (RP):
Raised only for so long by her parents, they would school her before they sent away at the age of six to a secret order on Khar Delba.
Raised on this cold planet, put into heavy discipline and taught overall survival in very harsh conditions. Taught to become connected to the force however only physical and mental means being taught to improve overall survival of conditions.
The order mostly being of the Null species, becoming shunned to most due to her deluded blood mixed with the few of Arkanian. Her training would be more intense over most by request of her parents if she were to ever leave and end up alone in the galaxy. The logic was not understood by Khaylen nor the small order.
She proved more capable over others both physically and mentally, and a stronger aura than others in the force.
Years of training physically with the force, and mentality, the goal of the order is to train a young child to become a seeker of knowledge and never ending training. Their vows to become stronger, and never offer their ways to the outside unless permitted, never to speak unless nessicary or to become known.
Constantly pushing her limits every day eventually doing newly made trials as a test as older members would become stronger in their ways. Daily close quarter combat, endurance tests, and exercise, Khaylen eventually excelled beyond the higher members.
She became viewed as disrespectful going about things her own way, fustrated at their secrecy she eventually rebelled and completely disobeyed. She requested to leave but they would not let her. They sent her away to the wilds of the planet, requested to slay a war-behemoth and collect a stone on a dangerous mountain to gain the privledge to leave the planet.
The climb was considered impossible without the discipline which she lacks, and patience to slay a war-behemoth. She made a plan, having to watch patterns for her plan to work and a deadline before they would leave the area. She rushed to find suitable trees to lure one too, setting up rocks in the trees very specifically. Her plan to lure one with herself, lured to close trees it would ram through having the rocks fall down and distract it and trip it with trees she knocked down. Successful, she would slay the beast quickly by it's neck, but there were two others she had to avoid, so she ran for the mountain.
The mountain large in diameter and chances of slipping due to ice and occasionally snow falling from ridges. They made a path for the trial to be taken, attempting climbs impossible without training. She got through many tests and collected the stone, however having to get back down was even more dangerous. A few slips, she mananged to save herself each time barely.
Returning to the order, none thought she would survive, now fully respected and allowed to leave. Telling them of their flaws they obviously did not like, she finally left. Getting her chance to leave the planet for once and heading her own way to find the public, at a struggle understanding few words outside of what her parents taught her, barely enough to get her by with some galactic basic. She didn't need to speak often during her time of learning leaving a nasty disadvantage of communication.
Having five years of exploration this was enough time to learn more of other languages, spending three of those years with a group of merchants, helping her gain a small ammount of profit. Finally departing her way, she headed to coruscant for a year before she decided to check out the Galactic Federation, having only hearing small references, having focused on 'understanding' different languages, she learned how to understand but not fully speak. She decided to look for information, realizing what they were about. She was already capable in the force to some degree, why not persue more then just faster movements, thought process, and gernally knowing how to control herself. She spent this last year, living in an appartment on coruscant deciding on what she would do.
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Khaylen Eluanek - Public
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