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 333.42 ABY -- Trading Roots robbed.

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333.42 ABY -- Trading Roots  robbed. Empty
PostSubject: 333.42 ABY -- Trading Roots robbed.   333.42 ABY -- Trading Roots  robbed. EmptyThu Apr 12, 2012 11:09 am

Our current trading roots from Alzoc III and Tantooin have been attacked by raiders. This ship contained several medical bacta tanks, even more tantanium ore. Several of the people guarding the shipment said that the attackers came out of no where without a single ship they just attached themselves to the ships and started dismantling it into small pieces, they actively opened the hall of the ship making all personal suffocate to death, the captain and bridge control members got into the pods fast enough, he also claimed that the attackers were NOT wearing any masks and also had spider-looking beasts with them.

Diana: " So you saw those things, can you describe them?"

Captain: " I think its gods punishment on us all! god save us all! *Starts screaming before medical teams give him sedative drugs*"

Diana: " well nothing.... Master Hawk"

Master hawk: "Hmm?"

Diana: " seeing what happened is the Galactic Federation going to investigate this?"

Master Hawk: " I cannot take decisions for the Council, but i shall try my best to make them investigate it, and if they don't wish to investigate it. I shall personally look into the matter, you have my kel'dor word on that"

Diana: " well you heard it first here, at Galactic Federation's Channel stay tunned as we follow up on this"
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333.42 ABY -- Trading Roots robbed.
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