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 -Accepted- Application: Velicia Harite

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Velicia Harite
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Retired Member

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PostSubject: -Accepted- Application: Velicia Harite   Mon Apr 09, 2012 4:13 pm


Name (RP): Velicia Harite
Gender(RL): Male
AGE(RL): 18
Age (RP): 17
Gender(RP): Female
Race (RP): Zeltron
Planet of Origin (RP): Zeltros

Bio (RP):
(Introduction -small journaling-)
I lived on Zeltros until the age of five, living with luxories beyond the average person before heading away for a different life. I however have recently been in an accident and cannot remember everything I've experienced clearly, the only information I have is in my recent journal I've only been using for about a year, and memories as a child.
Apparently my intelligence was high, at least to where I can easily figure things out but honestly I feel rather clueless all the time. I have only recently left from education, sad to say I am a drop out however that does not seem to have much affect on who I am. I can recall living with my mother as a child at the least; that life was very excessive and I wanted to leave it as a child I may have been quite arrogant considering how much I knew almost immediately at a young age.
During my time of education, as I have put in my journal the only important things I really got out of it was a few skills and apparently I am a poor writer and I laugh at my own journal because of it I barely wrote a thing in it. This will probably be the most I've wrote in my journal all at once; I am headed to find yet another life one that almost completely strays from what I lived with at the age of five. Apparently I am force sensitive and I wish to pursue knowledge with in the ways of the force or at least the way of the jedi possibly, I am unsure what I truly want as of yet.

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PostSubject: Re: -Accepted- Application: Velicia Harite   Mon Apr 09, 2012 4:16 pm

Hello and welcome to our humble temple, . please check the newly updated form application sorry for the mix up.
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-Accepted- Application: Velicia Harite
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