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 -Accepted- Bavick Harite

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Bavick Harite III


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PostSubject: -Accepted- Bavick Harite   Fri May 10, 2013 12:51 am

(RP)Name = Bavick Harite Jor'ull III

(RP)Gender = Male

(RP)Race = Human/Zeltron Cross-species

(RP)Place of Birth = Hapes

(RP)Why do you want to become a Jedi? = To learn the ways of the Force and right the wrongs of my father.

(RL)Age = 17

(RP)Age = 17

(RP)Previous Clans = Dark Angels Jedi Order

(RP)Biography/Back story =

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...


186 ABY (Era of Uncertainty)

Aoden Jor'ull, Bavick's great grandfather was born in 186 ABY being mostly Iridonian, despite the hazel eyes of his mother. He deserted his family in the search for enlightenment at age 24, (200 ABY) and ventured off to the outer rim of the Galaxy to join a Mandolorian survival clan. It was there that he discovered something about himself: He was extremely force sensitive. Though throughout most of his youth, he never actually tapped into the hidden in-born power. The leader of his survival clan became insane, and severed connections with all systems beyond the outer rim. When Aoden was of 47 years of age, (223 ABY) he stole the leader's riches in the night and decided to leave the uncharted moon to live amongst the peoples of Cato Neimoidia. He spent months as a cantina dweller, drowning and withering his skills and experiences away until he met a young humanoid woman by the name of Elizabeth Jennz. She happened to also be a strong embodiment of the Force as Aoden.

Aoden and Elizabeth moved off into the outer rim together, as Aoden was determined to find his purpose in the galaxy. He married Elizabeth in 231 ABY and bore a child named Kyle Jor'ull, whom they shipped off to a distant relatives family in Cato Nemodia. It was in 235 ABY, on the 2nd moon of Beta Olikark. There he brushed against the living Force, and grew a hunger for knowledge in that aspect. It was then, in 236 ABY, that Aoden kinesthetically learned the ways of the Force. His crude methods were not yet perfected, and he would spend the next 5 years excelling in the arts of a Saber and the Force. He developed his own style for each set of forms. Unaware of the actual fighting styles of the Jedi, he developed his own style: Control.

In 241, when Aoden was 65 years old, he stumbled upon a ruined stone temple. He spent the next seven weeks in total isolation from his wife, using the Force to bring the temple back to it's original state. It was there he would train for months on end, trying to discover himself along the way. When Aoden was 67 years old, a Jedi cruiser landed on the moon in order to export some of the rare rock on the surface of the moon. Aoden despised industrialization and conformity, and attempted to fight back against the imperialistic Jedi. He was captured, his wife killed by a airborne "Red Beast Virus" that found it's way to the Outer Rim, unknowingly brought over by the Jedi on their cruisers. The next 3 years of his life are not recorded.

When he returned, he was quieter. When he learned of his wife's death, he was incredibly furious, but never visibly showed it. While he was gone he went through a lot; and discovered much about the Jedi and Sith. He decided then and there that both sides were corrupt in their own ways and vowed to be a Grey Jedi. In 246 ABY, He opened the temple as a Order for other Grey Jedi to learn about the ways of the Force and themselves. He began The Inner War Jedi Order, sending out messages on the Outer Rim for anyone to listen and visit. The path to inner enlightenment for the galaxy had begun, but only briefly as he soon contracted the Red Beast Virus.

Kyle Jor'ull, Bavack's Father, offspring of Aoden, lived as a young boy learning a merchants trade until his parents are taken by the Red Beast Virus he decided to leave Cato Neimoidia and come to Coruscant when he was 22. (247 ABY, After the Era of Strange Times) He found the temple of the Dark Angels Jedi Order, and was taken in for a Medichlorian count after an accidental showcasing of his powers during a Jedi investigation in a low-life cantina. Kyle Jor'ull was not pleased with this abduction and refused to join the order. However his Medichlorian counts were suprisingly high, and rivaled one of the Knight's in the order: Jedi Knight Zukkansii, an Iridonian Staff Master. He takes the reluctant merchant boy into his teaching after pulling many stunts with the council.

Kyle Jor'ull becomes a successful Jedi Knight of the order, and for many years he serves under them. His Master, Zakk Zukkansii, teaches him everything he knows about the arts of Staff-based weaponry before finally passing on from old age. Kyle Jor'ull constructed a Viridian double sided lightsaber using the hilt scraps from his Master's former weapon. Grief stricken from the loss of his master, at 68 he falls from the Jedi Code and becomes a rogue Grey Jedi, living on the outskirts of Mos Eisly on Tantooine. He comes to terms with death whilst living here, but realizes that he can no longer return to the Order he had forsaken. So he moves to Naboo in 293 ABY. He never finds true Love, however he ends up giving his seed to a woman by the name of Allie Odeia Faye, a humanoid palace handmaiden. She gives birth to a child by the name of <984ERROR608#NAME%NOTFOUND?89&> and she soon falls deathly ill.

It comes to the boy's attention after some time of looking through public archives that the Red Beast Virus that claimed his grandparents had run through the blood of Kyle Jor'ull and infected Allie Faye. The boy spends his youth not playing with toys or attending school, but rather stealing shuttle passes and traveling to other planets in search of scraps and other things he could find to salvage for credits. He eventually amassed enough of a fortune to put himself through flight school at age 12, and by a small personal shuttle which he smuggled his mother to different doctors around the galaxy in. None of them can help him however, and he is forced to watch his mother slowly die in front of him. One day passing through the outer rim, he is attacked by smugglers. His mother is killed in the attack, and he is gravely injured. He awakens injured and confused, and sees his mother's lifeless corpse next to him.

Everything was gone.. It all ended here. He tried to find out what happened... Then he heard a faint beeping noise in the background. It was a Astro-mech droid shoveled away in his cluttered utility room. <984ERROR608's names the droid "Bubba Boy", as the droid looked like a small fat child. The two of them spent time together rebuilding the ship and burying his mother. The boy wanted revenge. So he tried to find the surveillance files from that day. Successfully drawing out the files, he discovers that he was saved by clothed men with laser-like swords. He then set out on a quest to find these men and join them. In 306 ABY he finds these men on Tantooine. They were called "The Sentinels".

Kyle's medichlorian count carried down halfway to <984ERROR608>'s, making him accepted off the bat regardless of the Order's age restrictions. He trained with them for a total of 9 months, VIGOROUSLY. Never giving himself a break, never allowing others to stop him. His anger fueled his motivation to find his mother's killer. Then, in 307 ABY... When <984ERROR608's turned 14, A man with the war-name "Battles" attacked the 500 strong clan. He single handedly used the Force and a staff to wipe clean the clan of it's inhabitants. <984ERROR608's and his Master at the time, Saint Musashi, flee to the Dagobah system as the last known survivors of the order. From there, the two of them train in secret until 308 ABY when they launch an attack on Battles at his throne in Taspir. Musashi is killed in the battle, but manages to sever Battles's sense of sight, and divide his staff. <984ERROR608's uses this opportunity and kills Battles, effectively force pushing him into the lava.

Shocked and numb to pain, the 15 year old boy wanders on for months until stumbling across a Jedi Order, which split from the DAJ; The Galactic Federation. He sees this Order on his map and attempts to enter when his shuttle is randomly shot down from the sky by their poorly programmed defense units. He awakens days later in a jail cell, completely confused. He does not remember his name, and looks around for clues. He sees a bracelet on his wrist which states: Bavack. He does not know what it means, but assumes it means "Prisoner" in a different language. He looks at the lever activating his cell controls, and releases himself using the force. Wandering around for a few minutes he confronts another boy named Aleck Hail, who shows him around the temple. After meeting others, such as Velicia Harite, a female Zeltron (aged 8.) Bavack finally meets the Grandmaster of the order, Kain YukiShiro, along with the other Masters. He decides to settle down here for now, until he can recollect everything.

He becomes a initiate in the order until Aleck reveals himself to be the leader of an evil Sith army bent on the destruction of the Galactic Federation and other corrupt Orders. Bavack, out of fear, kneels to the man and pledges his allegiance to the Sith Lord. For months under his rule he trains vigorously, until finally swearing off his allegiance to the Sith master-mind. One year later, Bavack has come to the point in his training at the Galactic Federation where he must now travel to Naboo and collect a crystal to build his first lightsaber. He is accompanied by Master Galen on this mission. When they arrive, they fight through the hostile caves under Naboo fields to reach the crystals. Bavack, trying to sense throughout the cave for a suitable crystal, notices a residual energy resonating throughout the caves to his right. He travels down them and stumbles upon a skeleton holding a double-sided lightsaber hilt in his left hand. The hilt has a name inscribed on it: "Jor'ull". Bavack takes the saber and activates it, and a Viridian light extends from the emitter.. The Force seems to pour out of this staff, and with it contained Kyle's memories. Bavack now remembers.. everything.. He is Bavack Jor'ull. And he is holding in his hands the weapon of his father. He stows it away and gets back on the ship after getting his crystal.

Never telling the others of his discovery, he attempts to leave the Galactic Federation and goes in search of the Dark Angels Jedi order. Stopped by Aleck, however, who threatens him with death for desertion. Bavack, troubled and angered attacks Aleck and goes into hiding for weeks, plotting and going mad as time drug on. He came to the conclusion that all Jedi and Sith alike were nothing but greedy bastards who deserved to die. So he hatched a plan: Why not destroy them? Or better yet? Why not make them destroy themselves? So He traveled to DAJ's Requiem temple in hopes to start a war between the Galactic Federation and the Dark Angels Jedi Order. He fails severely in his madness, and in return is exiled and murdered by Master YukiShiro. The Legacy of the Sentinels died with Bavack Jor'ull. On 310 ABY, everything died with him.

on 311 ABY, a new Bavack is brought into the world, however. Bavack Jor'ull II, who is a clone. His entire life is one implanted lie. It explains his fast kinesthetic learning, it explains his ability to retain large amounts of knowledge. It explains everything. Bavack does not know this and will never discover this until Ken Taslak exposes the truth to him later on. Bavack does not have an extraordinary medichlorian count, he is an average force sensitive. He was programmed to specially be in essence, the idol Jedi.

Bavack Jor'ull II's memories were simple. The cloners on Kamino implanted him with the idea that he was born in Naboo, although he was actually shipped to an clone adoption agency in association with Kamino on Naboo. He is adopted by a woman named Elizabeth Henry halfway through his first year of life. He is told throughout his young life by Elizabeth that he never really had a father, and that she doesn't know what happened to him. This concerns Bavack greatly, and makes him pursue answers. Elizabeth alarms the cloners back on Kamino of an possible defected clone she was sent, given Bavack's lust for answers regarding his father. In response, the cloners overtime cleverly infect her with an lethal illness, in order to protect their already terrible reputations.

She dies once Bavack hits 9 years old. But strangely, he bottles it away. He does not feel any sort of pain. It never even crosses his mind. Though she was his mother, he felt as though she held no place in his heart. He didn't grow attachment to her, in fact in every aspect he felt detached from her. He grabbed her Visa, and obtained her credits, and then he flew to Alderon. He had no reasoning to go there, it just seemed right. He learned samples of diplomacy there as he roamed the capital city. He met with strangers about information regarding his father and gained powerful enemies along the way. (Mainly being Drug Cartel owners.) He seemed to be getting nowhere within his quest. He felt as though his entire life has been a lie-- though this thought surfaces often, he tries to ignore it as it makes him, rightfully so, feel terrible.

He then travels to smuggler moons with the protection of men he met on Alderon, but still never had any luck. He was discouraged beyond comparison. He began questioning the point in life itself if everything is a secret. He did not understand the point in death if we do not know of an afterlife; he studies the Force and it's theories though doubts them daily. He does not truly understand anything and tries desperately to match an answer with every question. But this... this was one question that who would never be able to answer. What happened to Bavack Jor'ull?

One night, the troubled youth lay fast asleep in his bed. He awakens, startled by a faint light, which quickly resembles an old man, clothed in shambled robes and a staff saber clipped to his belt. The man looks into Bavack's eyes, saying "Bavack, you must go to Yavin IV. There you will find all of your answers. Trust in me.." "Who are you!?" Bavack fiercely explodes out, but the figure evaporates right after that sentence. Bavack takes no time getting ready. He packs a traditional Jedi tunic his mother weaved him, his shuttle card, and his datapad. He swiftly runs out of his quarters without giving notice to anyone he traveled with. Taking the shuttle, he finds the nearest hyperspace travel route on his datapad and smashes in the coordinates.

He arrives to the forest-y, swampy moon in disarray. Where the Force was he suppose to begin? He travels through the harsh climate until finally coming across a withered flag of wings overlapping a blade. He cautiously continues onward, and slowly but surely comes across the land of the Dark Angels Order. Bavack glances around and is off-put by the number of people in the area. He roamed the grounds until stopped by a young boy named Marcarisil, who gave him the tour around. In time Bavack grew fond of this place and attempted to settle down and become what they called a "Force-sensitive Jedi". He had read about them, but to stand in ones presence is enlightenment in itself in a sense. He decides to dedicate his life to the Dark Angels Jedi Order.

However, over time Bavack, (aged 16) began to experience a lot of terrible, ill-visions of Kain YukiShiro. It often began to consume his every thought. He awoke one day to find Kain, at the Temple. Bavack goes into a blinding rage and tries to kill him, not holding back at all. The defective clone is then hit incredibly hard upon his head by Jedi Knight Macarisil, and sent into a coma for 4 months. Due to him being a clone with an fast-aging serum, Bavack awakens in the body of an 26 year old. He recollects bits and pieces of the years before, but mainly is a shell of his former self, in the most positive way. Kain is not to be seen around the temple, and Bavack continues his training afterward, constantly trying to best Macarisil, as their childhood rivalry grew into a blinding jealousy.

During this time is when he encountered an old friend of Bavack's, Velicia Harite. She and Vel fall in Love, though Velicia is still confused as to how Bavack could possibly be alive. She does not care however, he's home now. That's all that matters to her. They lay with one another, and bear a child unnamed, (327 ABY) as she must flee to the Hapes system to raise him in secrecy. If the Order knew of Bavack's offspring, they would durely have had it killed due to his father's failures mentally.

Bavack knew he was training for the wrong reasons, but did not care. Under his Master LukaNuva, he trained viciously to better other Jedi. Bavack Jor'ull II's run is cut short one day soon, however, when his defective cloning cycle takes the better of him. He charges Macarisil, now fully trained in the Force, and nearly kills him. Leaving Macarisil no other choice, he stabs Bavack in the chest, cutting his head open as he dragged the saber out of his body. Bavack falls to the floor, lifeless. He could finally rest from all the voices, all the terror in the galaxy. (332 ABY)

-----------------------------------------------------------------------334 ABY-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bavick Harites story begins here. He's at this point in time 7 years of age, living with his mother Velicia Harite on Hapes, the peaceful, night-less planet. Little is known between the relationship of Velicia and Bavick, but many could say that after the death of her lover Bavack Jor'ull she became much quieter than she usually already was. She trained in peace for many years, honing Bavick's skill in both saber combat and his connection to the Force. She never allowed him to learn how to harness and manipulate the Force however, for she had a plan for him all her own. She left his fate into his own hands in 339 when she casted him out into the world on his own, believing it was best for him to learn things alone. She gave him a data-pad filled with scattered co-ordinates to eight systems and told him if he ever wanted to see her again, he would travel to each system and look for the Galactic Federation.

He was upset, of course. But he was also used to his mother's indifference with him. She shooed him away after giving him a handful of credits and a shuttle that could make the kessle run in 3 parsecs or less. He spent years searching, learning the trade of both bounty hunters and smugglers alike. in 343 ABY, after many untold stories and many uphill survival battles, Bavick felt a ripple in the Force flood past him on the outer rim. After hovering over the source of it for many weeks, he finally discovered the temple for the torn Galactic Federation. He carried with him nothing more than a blaster and the ability to feel the Force faintly. Despite his astounding physique, he was fully unprepared for what lied behind the temple entrance: Blood, sweat, and hours of grueling training lays ahead of him now.

He meets his mother, who gladly accepts him into her arms once again, leaves only briefly after seeing him, saying she had to run a few errands before she should return for an undetermined time. He was not phased though; he was now looking into the eyes of a brotherhood, and them back at him. Kain YukiShiro extends his hand out to Bavick.

"Welcome to the Galactic Federation", he said with a welcoming smile.
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PostSubject: Re: -Accepted- Bavick Harite   Fri May 10, 2013 3:48 pm

Welcome Bavick,

Very nice bio, you really seem to have put alot of work into it.
We already spoke briefly about some matters so i hope you understand its still early for us to begin anything fancy.
However everything is available for use ofcourse!

We have a nice future ahead of us.



He Who Wishes to be Obeyed Must Know How to Command.

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PostSubject: Re: -Accepted- Bavick Harite   Fri May 10, 2013 4:09 pm

Kain wrote:
Welcome Bavick,

Very nice bio, you really seem to have put alot of work into it.
We already spoke briefly about some matters so i hope you understand its still early for us to begin anything fancy.
However everything is available for use ofcourse!

We have a nice future ahead of us.



I havn't met you, but your bio is impressive by all counts, I welcome you to GF Smile
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PostSubject: Re: -Accepted- Bavick Harite   

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-Accepted- Bavick Harite
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